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pointYou may have missed a very interesting or highly entertaining post from answersjournal.com.  Here is a quick cross-section of recent articles we are sure you will enjoy:

Beloved Mystery Writer Agatha Christie disappeared for real for a brief time and to this day, no one knows the real reasons why:  http://answersjournal.com/the-real-life-mystery-of-agatha-christie/

Website Celebrity Networth gives you insights and calculations on the real money value of athletes, entertainers, business moguls and more: http://answersjournal.com/how-rich-is-he-heres-your-answer/

Preserve your family or personal slice of history and have it catalogued and documented for the world, thanks to the project StoryCorps: http://answersjournal.com/share-your-story/

Pangasius has become the tenth most popular seafood product eaten in the United States. We speculate that the majority of answersjournal.com readers haven’t ever tried it: http://answersjournal.com/youve-either-ate-pangasius-or-you-havent/

What To Do With A Day Old Baguette? How about make Silver Dollar French Toast. The recipe is here: http://answersjournal.com/what-to-do-with-a-day-old-baguette/


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