What Do You Think About Your Job ?

Whether we keep them to ourselves or talk about them out loud, everyone has an opinion of how their job is/or could be.  Workplace satisfaction is considered a key indicator of productivity, employee engagement and a company’s overall health. The graphic below represents a recent Gallup Poll on satisfaction in the workplace. As you look at the […]

MATCH UP: Plenti versus Shop Your Way

MATCH UP: Plenti versus Shop Your Way. American Express has recently launched a multi-retailer loyalty program called Plenti. It’s goal is to offer rewards to customers who shop across brands with retailers ATT Mobile, Macy’s, Rite Aid and Exxon/Mobil. Shop Your Way Rewards is a multi-retailer program that primarily serves stores affiliated with the Sears […]

The Value of Reposting from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is one of the sharpest knifes in the drawer when it comes to the power of social media. Kawasaki likes to challenge those with pre-conceived notions of how all this social media works. Here are some tips from a man who has 289,000 likes for his page on Facebook, 1.5 Million followers on Twitter, […]

Who’s That Guy Between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg?

Let’s look at the three richest movie moguls in Hollywood, according to CNNMoney: Rank Name Estimated Net Worth 1 George Lucas $5.4 billion 2 Arnon Milchan $5.2 billion 3 Steven Spielberg $3.3 billion While the name Arnon Milchan may not be a household word, his record is worthy of a second look.  Milchan is owner of […]

Times Suze Orman Didn’t Follow Her Own Financial Advice

Many views tune into CNBC Financial Guru Suze Orman for tips and advice on personal finance. Yet, there has been at least five times that the cable TV host majorly contradicted herself on what one should do and why. These include: Orman recommends avoiding fees on financial products and avoid high-cost credit cards. But in 2012, […]

Initial Impressions: What do all those business initials mean?

Here are 12 business either known by their initials or with initials in their name. See how many you know and the ones you now know: 3M: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing AC Spark Plugs: Albert Champion AMC: American Multi-Cinema BVD: Bradley, Voorhees, and Day ESPN: Entertainment and Sports Programming Network GEICO: Government Employees Insurance Company […]

Make Money by working on HIT’s

Looking for a side job that you can earn quick cash and do with little long-term obligation? Amazon.com has a site which may give you a different insight into finding part time assignments. Called Amazon Mechanical Turk, this marketplace offers you tasks which require human intelligence and interaction. You can do these from where ever […]

How Rich Is He? Here’s Your Answer!

Ever get in a discussion about a celebrity, athlete or politician and the topic turned to how rich they are? A website is available that will answer that question with relative certainty. Celebrity Net Worth bills itself as “The Website Future Billionaires Read Each Day.”  Across the header is a tab where you can find […]

Why is 8 1/2” X 11” paper the standard size?

While waiting at the printer or copier, did your mind ever wander and wonder why is 8 1/2” X 11” paper the standard size? One answer is the Dutch papermakers first invented the two-sheet paper mold in 1690. Legend has it that the average maximum reach of an experienced vatman’s arms was 44 inches. Many […]