What does the movie Sideways have in common with Major League Baseball?

One of the most versatile and talented actors in motion pictures today is Paul Giamatti. His roll call of credits is vast and varied, including Straight Outta Compton, Private Parts, Saving Private Ryan, John Adams, Big Fat Liar, Cinderella Man and many others. He is a prolific chameleon who segues from comedy to drama with […]

Truth In Newspaper and Website Headlines

It is the hook and the bait that gets the reader to bite. Newspaper, Websites, and Magazines all use catchy headlines to cut through the 10-thousand and two thoughts everyone has each day and grab eyeballs and interest.  If copywriters, reporters and editors were required to be absolutely honest, here are ten examples of what […]

Not all celebrities are morons – 10 with Advanced College Degrees

Not all celebrities are morons. Here is a quick list of ten celeb’s who have advanced college degrees. 1. Mayim Bialik – a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA in 2008 2. Ashley Judd – a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard 3. James Franco – a Masters in Fine Arts from Columbia and finishing a […]

The episode when The Brady Bunch almost died.

In 1973, Movie Studio Paramount owned the amusement park Kings Island outside of Cincinnati and produced the wildly popular TV Show The Brady Bunch. Executives thought what would happen if you combined the two? In the episode “The Cincinnati Kids,” Mike has to present some plans for an addition to King’s Island, an amusement park […]

What do Colbert, Chenoweth, Lynch, Lowe and Berry have in common?

We watch Stephen Colbert, Kristen Chenoweth, Jane Lynch, Rob Lowe and Halle Berry on television and in the movies, as they stir emotions from us. They make us laugh, cry, gasp and think. Yet, each of these gifted performers all have something in common — All five of them suffer from some form of deafness or hearing […]

So what does Elaine from Seinfeld and commodities trading have in common?

Back to school has brought with it ads for Old Navy Clothing, featuring the talented actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  Many actresses and actors are often starving artists, but Julia and commodities trading have something in common which we are sure allowed her to have three square meals a day while going to and from her first […]

Whiteboard Animation

Your editors at answersjournal.com are easliy drawn in by short films and videos like this. It is a simple whiteboard animation project done by a student filmmaker, Massimiliano Sdei, made in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge 2009 animation’s workshop. We enjoyed it so much that it deserved to be shared.  

Todd Rundgren – A Lego Dream Goes on Forever

Combine one of Rock’s most iconic geniuses with stop motion animation and what do you get? A Lego Dream Goes On Forever. This video was commissioned in 2010 by rundgrenradio.com to promote Mr. Rundgren’s September tour, long before everything was awesome. If you’re a fan, enjoy this repurposing of his 1974 classic ballad. If you have […]

Sidewalk Chalk 3D Street … A Matter of Perspective

Enjoy several works of art that you have to see to believe. These talented artists have taken sidewalk chalk art to a whole new level – rendering their images in 3D so they seem to either grow up  off the pavement or go crashing down below the surface of the street. https://youtu.be/kagKgpDbJco    Start your day […]