You’ve either ate Pangasius or you havent.

Pangasius has become the tenth most popular seafood product eaten in the United States. We speculate that the majority of readers haven’t ever tried it. Pangasius, also known as “iridescent shark,” is a special variety of imported freshwater fish that is found native to the South Pacific Ocean, off the shores of Vietnam, Cambodia and […]

True Foodies, this kitchen set is for you!

If the thought of a kitchen store like Williams & Sonoma makes you swoon, prepare to be weak at the knees and weepy. The Museum of Modern Art, or MOMA to those in the know, has put together a crazy kitchen set that will cost you to buy about the same as a used 2007 […]

The Mystery of the Boysenberry

  From gift basket jam to fruit grown for fresh picking, the Boysenberry is a well-known fruit with a mysterious history straight from a Hollywood movie. Here is a behind the scenes look at this beloved crop. In the late 1920’s, George M. Darrow, a berry specialist from the USDA, began receiving reports of a […]

How Many Licks To Get To The Center of A Tootsie Pop?

Commercials ask us questions and then answer their questions with products and services. One commercial question that still remains unanswered to this day is “How Many Licks To Get To The Center of A Tootsie Pop?” Tootsie Roll Industries, maker of the Tootsie Pop, even debates the exact number. On their own website, they cite […]

At $999.99, I Doubt You Will Download This Cell Phone App

The overwhelming majority of people who read this post will not be able to afford an iVIP app. At $999.99, most people will scoff at the price. But the mere notion of it speaks to that same measure of success and curiosity as does The Robb Report. iVip is available for iOS, Android or Windows […]

GUYS ONLY: The rap on all those kitchen wraps in your drawer.

Why a kitchen drawer needs five long skinny boxes of stuff to keep things fresh seems to be beyond most guys understanding. But, I’ve been told each of these boxes does serve a purpose; and you don’t need to be Alton Brown to understand how to use them. Here’s 411 on what each box is […]

Too Many Eggs Left Over From Easter?

Did you stock up on eggs during last week’s Easter grocery sales? Do you have more than a few eggs, and are concerned that they might spoil? Here’s some ideas on how to use those extra eggs. The hair on the top of your head is quite similar to the properties of egg. Both are […]