BOTTOM LINE: You actually need your appendix

The appendix has gained a reputation as a useless organ.  Research now shows that the appendix is an important member a member of the digestive track team. BOTTOM LINE: You actually need your appendix to help aid with intestinal distress. When the gastrointestinal tract or intestine is affected by a bout of diarrhea or other distress that […]

BOTTOM LINE: Who is The World’s Strongest Woman?

BOTTOM LINE: Who is The World’s Strongest Woman?  The conventional wisdom is Becca Swanson. Swanson is an American bodybuilder, powerlifter and former pro wrestler. She is often referred to as  either “The World’s Strongest Woman” or “The Strongest Woman on the Planet”. Swanson measures 5 ft 10 in tall, weighs 240 pounds and is quite fit, […]

Scientists Prove Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Scientists have proven the statement,  “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” While this may not be news to most of us, there is  real scientific data that shows why smart people underestimate themselves while ignorant people think they’re just plain brilliant. The Dunning–Kruger effect is the title of a psychological bias where certain individuals mistakenly assess their ability […]

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day

March 11th is Johnny Appleseed Day, remembering the life of John Chapman. Legend and lore recalls him as “Johnny Appleseed,”  an actual American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of of the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley  regions. He was heralded during his lifetime for his kind, generous ways, his proactive stance in conservation, and […]