Make Your Own Candy Bars For Halloween

During my recent trip to the Supermarket, bags and bags of fun sized, mini-bars and combo packs of Halloween candy greeted me.  The do-it-yourselfer in me wondered would it be possible to skip all the added artificial ingredients and fillers. Could I make candy bars at home? The geniuses at Chowhound to the rescue. They […]

UPDATE: The face behind one of fiction’s most “Libertarian” characters is running for elected office as a (gasp) Democrat.

In an earlier Answer’s Journal post, we shared how the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder Lane, was a staunch conservative, couldn’t stand her distant cousin Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is credited with coining the word Libertarian. In an interesting stroke of irony, the actress generally associated with her mother’s legacy […]

FIRST WORLD PROBLEM: Why do I have so many emails (and what to do about it?)

If someone tells you that they have a tidy email inbox, only believe them for a short amount of time. Within a day, it could be back up to double … even triple digits worth of messages. Even the smartest communicators face an onslaught of email messages which can take up more time than one […]

First World Problem: Earbuds and What To Do About Them

From smart phones to mp3 players to tablets and other forms of media players, ear buds have become a first world problem. Many OEM models aren’t as durable as the electronics with which they were shipped. Parents of kids between 8 and 20 know that these seem to only last until just before the next […]