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MileyThe Millennial Generation is going to be the leaders and decision of the future. As they morph from their adolescent bluntness and boldness, they will need support and guidance learning that many behaviors which seemingly served them when they were in their teens and twenties will not be appropriate in their thirties, forties and beyond.  OUR FEARLESS PREDICTION: These behaviors will create a whole new sector of jobs and opportunities for those willing to help them bridge the gap.

Flip Flop Foot Therapist – Wearing shoes which cost 17 cents to make and sell for between $2 and $10 cannot be a good practice long term.  These stamped out pieces of foam or manmade materials have zero arch support and subzero protection for exposure to anything out there which the skin can come in contact with. Look for an abundance of medical technicians to treat the fallen arches, hammered toes and foot infections which repeated wearing of these bring about.

Wardrobe Modesty Coach – While we look at the pop stars that seem to wear outfits on stage and in public that have less and less to hide, the current crop of Millennials also need to figure out that when it comes to their everyday apparel, more is more.  Bright pink bras worn through a sheer top is not a great look in anyone’s book.  See-through leggings that replace traditional pants are also troublesome. One issue with leggings is what behaviorists call “The Kardashian Factor;” the larger a millennial woman’s derriere, the less offensive she seems to feel wearing these ultra-tight covering are. The goal here is to transition this mindset from “I don’t care” to “Maybe I should Care” and ultimately, “What was I thinking?”

Outdoor Immersion Guides – While digital communications tools such as cell phones and tablets have  great power, it also has created an sustained isolation effect for many millennials. A need is present for skilled and seasoned guides to introduce Millennials to such bold concepts as fresh air, sunrises, and walking down the street without a fear of harm. These guides will act like cultural docents engaging the millennial generation to set down their electronics, and find out there is more to the world than 144 characters.

Etiquette and Refinement Coach – Millennials have a crude and blunt demeanor all their own.  Here are two example of teen girls observed in a suburban department store:

Millennial Girl:  Hey Mister.

Sales Associate: May I help you?

MG: Yea. I got to pee. Where’s the bathroom?

SA:  Around the corner, and first door on the left.

MG: Later.

Another example overheard with a different group of millennial teens who walked up to a male sales associate occurred as follows:

MG: Mister … I need a bra. Where do I find them?

SA:  Foundations?  Downstairs, between Misses and Juniors.

MG:  I’ve never heard that term before.

SA:  Items such as bras and Spanx are also called intimates and foundation garments.

MG: Whatever.

Again, the need is present for these teens and twenty-somethings to recognize that a boundary exists where they don’t need to make full disclosure of every aspect of their individual lives.

Is there hope for their show all, tweet all and tell all generation?  The best perspective on this comes from Mark Twain, who is often quoted as saying, “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”


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