Remembering Robin Williams

There are not enough words to accurately describe the comedy genius of Robin Williams, but artist Heather Rooney shares with us her amazing drawing techniques using Prismacolor colored pencils. Watch as his image comes alive on the page before your very eyes — To enjoy more of her art: Start your day with answers to […]

How to play Antiques Roadshow Appraiser at home

Since 1997, America has opened up its attics, cellars and storage units to show appraisers and the nation all the curios which they have been collecting. Every Monday night, PBS hosts the program Antiques Roadshow. This has grown into one of the network’s most popular shows.  Often, something is shown and we think we have […]

Which ten movies have sold the most tickets all time?

The movies with the highest box office aren’t necessarily the ones that have sold the most tickets.  Anyone who understands inflation and the cost of living knows that. In 2015, the average price for a first run movie is $8.15. That means a movie only has to sell about 123-Thousands tickets to earn a Million […]

Who’s That Guy Between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg?

Let’s look at the three richest movie moguls in Hollywood, according to CNNMoney: Rank Name Estimated Net Worth 1 George Lucas $5.4 billion 2 Arnon Milchan $5.2 billion 3 Steven Spielberg $3.3 billion While the name Arnon Milchan may not be a household word, his record is worthy of a second look.  Milchan is owner of […]

How Rich Is He? Here’s Your Answer!

Ever get in a discussion about a celebrity, athlete or politician and the topic turned to how rich they are? A website is available that will answer that question with relative certainty. Celebrity Net Worth bills itself as “The Website Future Billionaires Read Each Day.”  Across the header is a tab where you can find […]

Damned To Development Hell

Some books, plays, and stories just lend themselves naturally to being made into movies. And, there are several reasons why they don’t get made or get made after years and years of waiting. In the biz, this is commonly referred to as ‘Development Hell.’  Here are examples of the various kinds of development hell: Counting […]

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn cover Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

Covers. Musicians and music fans have a love/hate relationship with them. Often, an artist will put their fingerprints all over an existing song, one can’t even imagine that there was an earlier version. Other times, it is four minutes of performance dread while the band plays something accessible to the audience. For the past five […]