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Like to drum? Full size drum kits are big, bulky and take up so much floor space.  You can never find drumsticks when you want them. And, there are times you just want to play like the middle of the night and the noise may wake everyone in a radius of your playing.  The Mini Finger Drum Kit is the answer for you!

Mini drum

Finger Drums is your personal  table top electric drum set. Smack the  large tom tom, small tom tom, or snare drum and Finger Drums will play the respective sound from its internal speaker. A cool LED light also flashes inside the drum. Hit the foot pedal of the bass drum or slap the cymbal to activate their sounds.
Record your session and play it back for your friends to enjoy. You can also play in Game Mode. Reminiscent of the game Simon, The drum or cymbals will light up one at a time randomly, hit the drums or cymbals is lit. If you hit the wrong one, you will lose two of 6 lives and one of LED will light up. Once you lose the 6 lives, your game will be over.

Strike up the band, hit the skins and never let size, space or noise be the excuse why you can’t drum.  To order:

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