BOTTOM LINE: Why is A Billionaire Taking the LEAST EXPENSIVE ROUTE to the White House?

Everyone has an opinion on Real Estate Mogul and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.  Many people embrace his candor. Many Republican Party regulars find his style abrasive. Others say he is trying to buy the presidency. THE BOTTOM LINE: This billionaire is currently taking the least expensive route to The White House. Making his “straight […]

FEARLESS PREDICTIONS: 10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

While the future is always uncertain, experts predict that some countries may not survive another two decades. The following video is a fearless prediction by TOP LISTS of ten countries most likely to collapse within the 20 years. See if you agree with their logic.  

WHY IT MATTERS: The Royal Monarchy In Great Britain

With the birth of a daughter to Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge, Royal Watchers are screaming with glee.  Many others around the world roll their eyes and wonder why this matters.   Every time a life event happens to the House of Windsor, Americans always question why Great Britain retains this centuries old tie […]

Did we already have a gay president and vice president?

A Gay President and Vice President? Some say this would be the ultimate breaking down of discrimination for the LBGTQ communities. Others say the idea would be abhorrent. Yet, several historians have discussed and debated for over 160 years if in fact we have already elected a gay president and vice president. In 1853, James Buchanan was […]

What U.S. President was related to Laura Ingalls Wilder? (And her daughter couldn’t stand the man.)

Laura Ingalls Wilder is best remembered as the author and subject of the Little House on the Prairie series of children’s novels. These were based on her childhood in a settler American family. Her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, is generally regarded as the one who encouraged her to write the books and assisted her with editing and […]

The Story Behind The First Boycott …

Charles Cunningham Boycott, from Norfolk, England, is the source of his name becoming a part of the English language. He was born on March 12, 1832. In County Mayo, Ireland, the Tenants’ “Land League” in 1880 asked  for Boycott, an estate agent, to reduce their rents because of a poor harvest and the resulting dire economic conditions. Boycott then responded by […]