Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and Other Long Ten-dollar Words

Members of our staff have been accused by some of using many “ten-dollar words.” Ten-dollars words are large words that can be difficult to say and spell. As a result, most people will not understand what you are saying. Some say that is the value of education. Others think it makes someone look like an elitist jerk […]

2015’s Color Of The Year … And The Winner Is …

Everyone knows someone who just absolutely nitpicks about what is the specific color of a piece of clothing, a swatch of fabric or a given shade of color.  The world’s ultimate authority on what colors are what is a company called Pantone. Each year, Pantone also names a color of the year.  And, in case you […]

The Original Wolfman Movie Was A Total Flop

One of our favorite people at The Answers Journal is broadcaster and horror movie host “Wolfman Mac” Kelly. Mac’s Chiller Drive-In TV Show was another deep dive into the saddest of the  Grade B Horror Flicks of the 1950’s and 60’s. While many a man (and a couple of women) has grown out their fir […]

No Selfies Day

March 16th has been declared as No Selfies Day. Every day millions of cell phone owners take a cheezy, blurry and self aggrandizing portrait using their cell phone’s cameras and then plaster these pictures on social networks for all of creation to see. No one really knows how this started or the reasons why. May 16th is a day […]