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While not everyone gets the idea that “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” no one can miss the point that “Paybacks are a bitch.”  Here’s the chance to get someone else back in a way that they are sure to notice and your evil deed won’t go away quickly. ship-your-enemies-glitter-15807

Glitter is called, “The herpes of the craft world.”  It sticks to everything, takes a life time to clean up and spreads about as fast and far as bad news. A website called will sent an envelope worth of dirty work for you, plus cram a letter in it to make sure the glitter spills ever where when they get the letter out … and they do mean everywhere. You can get your point across, with the gift that keeps on giving, clinging and tracking everywhere.

You want a good laugh – go read their website.  The copywriter here has a way with a snarky phrase that even Dorothy Parker would envy. You want a good prank, cough up the $9.95 and the envelope. You may just sleep better at night knowing you got the last word in … complete with sparkly and hard to clean up glitter.

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