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valentines_chocolatesYes, it’s here again. Time to think hard on what to give your sweetheart this year. It doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive. And with a little planning you can be the hero she knows that you are.

  1. Don’t forget the chocolates. Candy on Valentine’s Day is popular for a reason – we love to indulge. But this year try something new. Instead of the heart shaped box go buy some gourmet ice cream or her favorite colored M&Ms. Or even better both! Serve it in a giant bowl and share! And remember to give her the last spoonful.
  2. Treat her to a nice dinner. OK this one is important. You’ll want to take her somewhere so when she sees her friend at the office or book club she’ll brag about what a great time she had. Take her to a restaurant that will be new to her but serves the kind of cuisine that she’ll like. Be careful ordering wine if you want to impress her, nothing can spoil dinner more if she doesn’t like the wine. Stick with her favorite cocktail or beer to be safe.
  3. Watch her favorite movie. Everything is on Netflix these days. So curl up and watch When Harry Met Sally. What’s that? You’ve never seen it? That’s the kind of timeless movie that appeals to both men and women. Funny and straight to the point when it comes to relationships. If you have seen it, it’s well worth watching again – and again – and again.
  4. Take her ice skating. Nothing is more romantic as when you must hold each other in public. Best of all its cheap, fun and great exercise. It’s the type of evening she won’t soon forget and you’re bound to see other couples having a good time, too. Don’t have skates? No worries. Most rinks have rentals. If you live in a northern city head downtown to the out door rink and if you’re in a warmer place, find the nearest hockey rink for open skate times. If they are closed on Valentine’s Day, create a “love coupon” and stick to it.
  5. Not into skating? Grab another couple and go bowling instead. It’s the ultimate social experience. There is absolutely no pressure when it comes to bowling. Rent the shoes, grab a ball and throw it. In between have a few sips of beer and listen to the cheesy music overhead. And everyone wins in the end!

Some people say that Valentine’s Day is overrated. It’s too expensive, you don’t really have the time, and you pass it off saying that you’ll treat her to something nice another day. Yeah, good luck with that! She won’t forget even the smallest detail. Just put in a little effort and you’ll come off as her knight in shinning armor.

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