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You know where to find Antarctica on a map. And you have a strong guess what it could look like, but chances are you have never found yourself looking live at the land at the bottom of the globe … before now.

Thanks to the National Science Foundation, you can have a live peek via webcam at the McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The link to view the facility right now  is:

McMurdo Station is the main U.S. base at the southern tip of Ross Island, about 2,415 miles due south of Christchurch, New Zealand, and 850 miles way from the South Pole. The original McMurdo Station was built in 1955 to 1956 for the International Geophysical Year. Today’s station is the primary logistics facility for supply to the network of inland stations and remote field camps. It also the waste management center for much of the U.S. Antarctic Program. Many year-round and summer science projects are supported at McMurdo.

By the way, The McMurdo Station does have a zip code just in case you want to send someone a letter: 96599-1035.

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