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You’re a billionaire looking for new digs. Since price is no limit, where do you get the biggest bang for the buck? You’re like the rest of us. If money was no object, where is the most expensive place to live? BOTTOM LINE: 520 Park Avenue in New York City has an opening for a $130 million penthouse.

This castle in the sky will have over 12,000 square feet, a 1,257-square-foot terrace, and stunning views of Central Park. It will go on sale with additional units that are a bit more affordable beginning early next year and will be completed with the rest of the building in 2017. 520 Park Avenue is located near other luxury high-rises on the “Billionaires’ Row,” located between 60th and 61st Street. That makes it near all of the things wealthy New Yorkers love to visit, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Barney’s.

Pique your curiosity? Go take a virtual tour:

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