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We’ve all been to a party that flopped. Was it the host?, the people who showed up or was there nothing to do? Keep your guests entertained. Below are ten things you can do to liven up your next party.

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Theme: Create a theme for your party. Encourage people to bring something related to the theme.

Caricature Artists:  Hire a caricature artist to entertain your guests. Even people who don’t have a portrait done will enjoy watching others. A caricature portrait is a fun way to remember the party.

Theme cupcakes: Your party should have a theme. Cupcakes are a great way to place and exclamation point on that theme that everyone will enjoy.

Costume party: Encourage people to dress up based on your theme.

Name tags: Create custom name tags. Its tough when you don’t know anyone at at party. Name tags can be fun, it makes it easier for people to connect and avoid awkward situations.

Pinterest: This is a great place to go to find new ideas for parties. There are a lot of creative people on Pinterest sharing unique ideas. 

Decorations: Make sure you have creative decorations. Yes, a happy birthday sign from the party supply store is nice, but quality hand made or unique decorations take the impressions of your party to a new level.

Pictures. Take lots of photographs, share and tag your friends on websites such as flickr, Facebook, Instagram and photobucket.

Memory Gifts: Give fun gifts to your visitors as they leave to help them remember you and the great time they had at your party.

Smokers: Most people don’t smoke and don’t wish to have their home smell like an old time bar. Find and designated a location for smokers and let them know where it is when they arrive. A sign is helpful.

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