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  • IDKTThe most popular high school mascot name in the United States is Eagles with over 1,200 schools cheering specifically for that mascot.
  • According to Courtney Cox, The popular NBC television show ‘Friends’ was to be originally called ‘Six of One.’
  • Animator Matt Groening admits the biggest mistake he made with his animated series The Simpsons what he named his main characters after his father Bart, his mother Marge and his sisters Maggie and Lisa.
  • David Jack was a cheese maker in Monterey California, who experimented until he found a signature cheese which he named for himself and his hometown, Monterey Jack.
  • Doritos snack chips are a exploitation of the words in Spanish meaning “Little chips of gold.”
  • Had The Great Chicago Fire not occurred, builders and architects would have never had a reason to build skyscrapers. The steel skeleton was seen as fireproof and subsequently allowed taller buildings to be built.
  • Sealy Mattresses are named for the city in Texas where the mattresses were originally made. They were first sold as “The Mattresses from Sealy;” and then were shorted to called “The Sealy Mattress.”
  • The first fortune cookies were made by a Los Angeles noodle maker, George Jung; who gave them out as a way to distract customers while they were waiting for their orders to cook.
  • While most everyone knows the term parasite, an epiphyte is an organism  that grows harmlessly upon a host and derives its moisture and nutrients from its surroundings, instead of the structure to which it is fastened.

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