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Panasonic_Ergo_Fit_earbuds_colorsFrom smart phones to mp3 players to tablets and other forms of media players, ear buds have become a first world problem. Many OEM models aren’t as durable as the electronics with which they were shipped. Parents of kids between 8 and 20 know that these seem to only last until just before the next car trip starts. And, walking into any store, how does someone know if the $5 ones are any good or if you are being fleeced by the $30 ones?

Yes, there is a website for this:   Recent articles include: Top 5 bluetooth earbuds for running, 10 best noise cancelling over the headphones under 100How to make your earbuds waterproof and Earbuds that track your heart rate.

My favorite article: 10 best cheap earbuds to buy in 2015. Some names like JVC, Panasonic, Skull Candy and Sennheiser you may know. But, here’s the chance to get something that sounds great and won’t require an equity line of credit to do so.

So if you’re looking for something to stick in your ear, here’s a page with straight forward and common sense writing about getting the sound out of your electronic devices, but not filling the room with it.

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