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Have you ever had a Donut Peach? You owe it to yourself to try one.

At first glance, you can tell that this is not your typical variety of peach. The donut peach features a white flesh and a flattish, round shape.  They were introduced into the United States from China in 1869 (where all peaches originated.) These “flat” peaches gained popularity in the 1990s.

Donut Peaches are smaller and flatter than a traditional peach. Their skin is shades of yellow and red, and they are quite less fuzzy than ordinary peaches. Their flesh is also a lot firmer, sweeter and more fragrant than a regular peach. The inside of the peach is also quite pale in appearance. They are sweeter compared to regular peaches, with a hint of almond to them.

If you don’t see donut peach in your local grocery or fruit market, look for other names, including doughnut peach  paraguayo peach, pan tao peach, saucer peach, belly-up peach, UFO peach, saucer peach, flat peach, hat peach, custard peach, or pita peach.All are members of the family: Prunus persica var. platycarpa.

You may have to ask your grocer if they have them or can get them, but rest assured that they are worth the effort to do so. Let us know what you think of them.

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