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Oneyay alenttay ostlay otay ethay internetyay isyay ethay useyay ofyay ethay anguagelay ofyay igPay atinLay otay uicklyqay isguiseday ordsway andyay onversationscay. ereHay isyay ayay asicbay imerpray onyay owhay otay anslatetray igPay atinLay. oTay anslatetray Englishyay ordsway intoyay igPay atinLay, youyay eednay otay astermay eethray ituationssay: ordsway eginningbay ithway ayay onsonantcay, eginningbay ithway ayay owelvay andyay eginningbay ithway ethay etterlay ‘Yyay’.

ordsWay atthay artstay ithway ayay onsonantcay uchsay asyay ellohay oryay ayay usterclay ofyay onsonantscay ikelay itchtway, ustjay ovemay ethay onsonantcay oryay onsonantcay usterclay omfray ethay eginningbay ofyay ethay ordway andyay acktay ityay onyay ethay endyay ofyay ethay ordway. ompleteCay ethay ordway ybay addingyay ethay uffixsay “-ayyay” otay ethay endyay ofyay ethay ordway. oSay, talent ecomesbay alenttay.

ithWay ordsway atthay artstay ithway owelsvay, ustjay acktay onyay ethay oundsay “-yayyay” otay ethay eryvay endyay ofyay ethay ordway. Youyay onday’tay eednay otay angechay anyyay etterslay aroundyay, ustjay aysay ethay ordway asyay ormalnay enthay addyay “-yayyay” otay ethay endyay. eThay otablenay exceptionyay isyay atthay omesay igPay-atinLay eakersspay addyay “-ayway” insteadyay ofyay “-yayyay” otay ethay endyay.

ithWay ordsway atthay artstay ithway ethay etterlay “Yyay” esethay ancay ebay ickytray. Youyay eednay otay eattray ethay etterlay “Yyay” asyay ayay onsonantcay oryay ayay owelvay, ichwhay angeschay ependingday ocationlay ofyay ethay etterlay’say inyay ayay ordway. oSay extnay imetay ethay ormfay asksyay youyay otay illfay inyay “anguagesLay okenSpay,” youyay ouldcay addyay igPay atinLay otay Englishyay asyay ayay anguagelay ichwhay youyay eakspay.

oTay anslatetray omfray Englishyay otay igPay atinLay: 

The Dying Language of Pig Latin

One talent lost to the internet is the use of the language of Pig Latin to quickly disguise words and conversations. Here is a basic primer on how to translate Pig Latin. To translate English words into Pig Latin, you need to master three situations: words beginning with a consonant, beginning with a vowel and beginning with the letter ‘Y’.

Words that start with a consonant such as hello or a cluster of consonants like twitch, just move the consonant or consonant cluster from the beginning of the word and tack it on  the end of the word.  Complete the word by adding the suffix “-ay” to the end of the word.  So, talent becomes talent.

With words that start with vowels, just tack on the sound “-yay” to the very end of the word. You don’t need to change any letters around, just say the word as normal then add “-yay” to the end. The notable exception is that some Pig-Latin speakers add “-way” instead of “-yay” to the end.

With words that start with the letter “Y” these can be tricky.  You need to treat the letter “Y” as a consonant or a vowel, which changes depending location of the letter’s in a word. So next time the form asks you to fill in “Languages Spoken,” you could add Pig Latin to English as a language which you speak.

To translate from English to Pig Latin:


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