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What is the best deep tissue massager on the market?

Nothing beats a deep and relaxing massage after a long day. Although going to the masseuse is an option, we all know that can be expensive. As an alternative, a deep tissue massager is the perfect way to release the tension and knots without killing your budget. 

Best Massage Guns according to websites such as Esquire and Consumer Reports:

  1. Theragun Pro
  2. Renpho Massage Gun
  3. Theragun Elite
  4. MyoPro.
  5. Recovapro SE
  6. Theragun Prime
  7. Hypervolt Go.
  8. Renpho Deep Tissue Massager

Theragun seems to make a lot of lists these days, but Zarifa USA is climbing up the list recently being named one of Utah’s top 50 emerging businesses.

Best Deep Tissue Massagers:

  • DynaSphere Percussion Muscle Massager
  • OPOVE M3 Deep Tissue Massager 
  • Sonic Handheld Massage Gun
  • TimTam Deep Tissue Massager
  • Mighty Bliss Deep Tissue Massager
  • Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Massager
  • Wahl Deep Tissue Massager

Physical therapy deep tissue massage tools

Physical therapy helps people move better and reduce pain for those who have had an injury or an illness.  Typically working with an orthopedic doctor, a physical therapist will assess the condition and use various treatments as well as techniques as part of a rehab program. One such treatment is massage and myofascial release of tissues. There are various types of massage that physical therapists often use.

Massage is used by some physical therapists to help supplement a rehab program and the benefits may include:

  1. Improved soft tissue mobility
  2. Elimination of restrictions in tight fascia
  3. Improved flexibility
  4. Decreased pain
  5. Decreased muscle spasm
  6. Increased circulation and blood flow to tissues

How do you use a deep tissue massage tool?

After the last year and a half with of a lot of people working from home and the increased stress levels, a massage just might be what we all need right now.  Although, the thought of being in a small room with a stranger who touches other strangers all day, might be worrisome.  Consider the alternative of looking at massage guns on the market; deep soft tissue manipulators that improve circulation, decrease soreness, address posture issues, help recovery and helps to get more out of your muscles.

Massage guns are designed to combat muscle soreness and aid recovery. It’s a deep tissue massage achieved through rapid percussive movements that stimulate muscles, enhance blood flow, and soften knots while providing some short-term relief for problem areas.

Instructions do vary depending on the area of the body to be treated as well as the type of gun used, the general steps include:

  • First step

Choose the proper attachment – many percussive massagers include interchangeable heads to customize treatment.

  • Second step

Turn on it on, set the speed and determine the best grip for reaching the targeted area

  • Third step

Move the massage tool back and forth, and up and down on the affected area for two minutes

Manual deep tissue massagers act as an extension of the therapist’s hand allowing for precise, consistent pressure to alleviate pain while avoiding overuse injuries.

Massage Guns for Shoulders

Rhythmic treatment, which stimulates particular muscles, relieves tension, decreases pain, and weariness, is one of the many advantages of using a massage gun. It is also great for improving blood flow and increasing body mobility. It is not only more useful, but it is also simpler to utilize.

  • For two minutes, glide the massaging gun over the muscle fibers, moving back and forth as well as laterally.
  • Do some simple spectrum exercises. Slowly and circularly move the shoulder while bending over. This will assist in reducing the chances of developing a stiff shoulder.
  • Rubbing your shoulders with an electric massager will aid in the removal of lactic acid accumulation, allowing you to recover more quickly. It also aids in the reduction of stiffness and the enhancement of flexibility.

Lifting heavy things and performing repeated overhead motions should be avoided if you have aching shoulders. Seek medical advice if the discomfort continues.

Massage therapy increases endorphin levels – conceivably the most valuable aspect of massage. Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that run through the body, increasing their levels, inducing positive results. Among other benefits, increasing endorphin levels has been associated with swifter recovery, reduced pain and reduced anxiety. 

While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, studies have found neuropathy massage may also be helpful to:

  1. Lessen depression and anxiety
  2. Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow
  3. Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ—the skin
  4. Increase joint flexibility
  5. Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation
  6. Paresthesia and nerve pain
  7. Reduce spasms and cramping
  8. Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body’s natural painkiller
  9. Arthritis
  10. Relieve migraine pain 

Despite its benefits, massage is not meant to replace regular medical care, and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans already in place. 

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