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Movie SlateSHORT TAKES: Would you stick a ‘baby gay’ in your ear?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad still has to go to work.

Polar bears generally are not right.


Generally associated with the banks of the Mississippi River, Samuel Clemens, or Mark Twain, actually wrote many of his books in Elmira, New York.

Google has created over 2000 of its signature doodles for their homepages around the world. They have a team of illustrators and programmers dedicated to just this task. Anyone can email with ideas for the next Google doodle to

In 2013, Bill Gates publically admitted that the three finger command of ctrl+alt+del to force quit or reboot a PC was a mistake and blamed it specifically on programmers at IBM.

Q-Tips were originally made by The Gerstenzage Infant Novelty Company in the 1920’s and called “Baby Gays.” They were based upon the idea of wrapping a cotton ball around a tooth pick to clean a fussy infant’s ears.

Scientists report that most polar bears are traditionally left-handed.

The Commissioner’s Trophy, which is presented to the Major League Baseball team that wins the World Series, is the only one of the four major North American Championship Trophies, not named for a specific individual. The other three are specifically named for Lord Stanley of Preston (NHL), Vince Lombardi (NFL) and Lawrence “Larry” O’Brien, Jr. (NBA).

The Croswell Opera House is a historic theater located at 129 East Maumee Street, Adrian, Michigan. It first opened in 1866. While most towns had such a facility in the 1800’s and 1900’s,   The Croswell Opera House is recognized as one of the oldest continuously running such theaters in the United States.

According to once source, Vodka, when translated from Russian, means “Little Water.”

While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may be financially set for life, his father still goes to work each day. ‘Painless Dr. Z’, Ed Zuckerberg is a dentist who first set up his practice in 1978 in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County, New York. Reports are that even after 35 years of practice, Dr. Z refuses to retire.

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