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Did you ever wish you had the ability to fly, have super human strength, control matter or transport through time?

We often live these abilities vicariously through the action heroes (and occasionally the villains) we read about and watch. With the continuous waves of movies and TV shows based upon comic book characters, did you ever wonder about your own super powers? If you need to check what abilities and talents you have against a master list, the website Super Hero DB has a list for you.

Super Hero DB has complied a list of all the superpowers from A to Z, so if you want to know what qualifies as a super power (and also what doesn’t), you now have a reference tool that you can verify what super human qualities you have at your disposal.

For Example: Super Hero
• What is Chlorokinesis ? Chlorokinesis is the ability to mentally control plants.
• What is Omnilingualism ? Omnilingualism is the human ability to decipher any language. (This talent is done without access to Google Translate.)
• What is Umbrakinesis ? Umbrakinesis is the ability to mentally repulse photons to create shadow or darkness, or to psychokinetically move objects via shadow.
• What is Magic Resistance ? The ability of a hero to be completely or partially resistant to magic.
If you want a fun bit of brain candy and excape, click over to and see which powers you know or can determine through analysis.

The ability to check out at the grocery store  with exactly 12 items, make it on time to pick kids up from practice or repair things with merely a roll of duct tape did not make the list.


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