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1435193_16943343Did you stock up on eggs during last week’s Easter grocery sales? Do you have more than a few eggs, and are concerned that they might spoil? Here’s some ideas on how to use those extra eggs.

The hair on the top of your head is quite similar to the properties of egg. Both are rich in proteins and you can use them to condition your hair. While mayonnaise is often cited for this use, the eggs make the magic. Mix an egg with either olive oil or vegetable oil and beat until frothy. You can mix in a scented oil to neutralize the eggy smell. Let sit for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse out with warm water.

An extra egg won’t just help the hair on your head, but will bring back shine to your pets coat as well. Scramble an extra egg once a week and feed Fido or Kitty. They will be best in show in no time. Never give your animals raw eggs, to avoid contamination from salmonella.

Egg yolks also are rich Vitamin A, the same as that expensive face cream. Wisk up a few egg yolks with water and wash your face. Considering what solutions that contain Retinol cost, you can save and still have the same effect.
Egg whites make a great craft glue. Egg whites are quite sticky when they set, and will serve well when gluing paper or light cardboard. By mixing with flour, water, sugar, and some alum, your papier-mâché project will also come up sturdy and sound.

The downside of hardboiled eggs for many cooks is the water in the pan, which be dumped ceremoniously down the drain. Don’t pour out the just yet! Since eggshells contain a high amount of calcium, save it for watering your plants. Let the hard-boiled-egg water cool and use it to water solanaceous (Nightshade) garden plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Spices begin to lose flavor as soon so they’re ground, so freshly grinding your spices is key to cooking the most delicious dishes possible. These are the top picks for the best salt and pepper shakers you can buy.

While some gardeners use egg cartons for sprouting seeds, egg shells make great liners for your seed starts. Rinse the shells with warm water to remove the membrane. Piece the bottom of the shell for drainage, and then fill the shell with potting soil. The seeds will benefit from the additional nutrients found in the egg shells.
A nick or paper cut may call for an adhesive bandage, but one way to promote natural healing is to substitute the thin membrane found between the egg white and the outer shell. It will act as a thin kind of skin by applying enough pressure to stop the bleeding, and has scar-fighting nutrients.

Eggs are good for cleaning real grain leather. An Egg whites’ thick and sticky base can remove dirt from your leather shoes, purses or other leather items. If you rub the whites into dirty leather, then wipe off with a damp cloth, you will put in place a protective coat that cleans the grain and shines the leather.

If your silver jewelry needs some oxidation to bring out a design, sulfur is found in eggs and also in silver cleaner. The sulfur oxidases the tarnish, and is effective for most commercially sold silver jewelry is sterling .925 or lower. IMPORTANT: This method of oxidation does not work on fine sterling .999. First boil an egg or two, depending on the size of your jewelry. You only need the hardboiled yolk. Mash up the yolks and place at the bottom of a container, such as a food storage container, that you can easily seal. Use a wire rack to hold the jewelry over the yolks to avoid directly touching the yolks. You can also substitute paper towels. Place your jewelry in, and seal the container. Let sit for at least a day. Since it will ferment, the yolks will smell very strong. Open the container in a highly ventilated area and then wash silver with a gentile soap. To avoid having entire jewelry piece oxidized, use a buffing cloth to shine the other areas.

So you have more uses for eggs then you imaged. Get crackin!

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