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lite_burnWhen purchasing anything, the two factors most people consider are cost and value. This applies to marijuana as well. Thanks to the internet, your editors here at the Answers Journal have discovered two websites that tell you where to get the best buzz for what ails you as well as where to get the best buzz for your buck.

Suppose you have a prescription for medical marijuana. You don’t want to spend your health care dollars on an inferior product? to the rescue. Wikileaf’s boast is that it will help you discover the right cannabis strains for your needs. It will assist you to locate local cannabis dispensaries and delivery services available to fill that script fast. Wikileaf will help you judge how much you will spend and, just like does with your home mortgage, you can watch as dispensaries and deliveries compete for your business. And with Wikileaf, you can view current menus of selected dispensaries or delivery services. This will allow you to find the best value on the various strains, edibles and concentrates.

If you have a script, this is all fine and good. But let’s just pretend you’re a recreational user and all you want is some good sheet man and not get ripped off. is your pal. This will guarantee that you don’t get squeezed by the dope man. has the hook-up. They claim, “We crowdsource the street value of marijuana from the most accurate source possible: you, the consumer. Help by anonymously submitting data on the latest transaction you’ve made.”  Sure enough, they have a reach worldwide and in your back yard. So if you’re curious what an ounce or two goes for, you have real-time market data courtesy of your fellow pot smoking neighbors, whether you are in North America, Europe or Australia. Almost as good data as

So before you light up that next joint, use these web tools to make sure less of your money goes up in smoke.

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