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38514703_mlIn our quest to engage the  audience, your editors were wondering if there was any research out there that could help us know how to get you to come check out our site? So, based upon this thought, we wondered what cuts through the clutter and spreads quicker on the Internet: posts about joy, sadness or disgust?  We set out to answer this and our research found at least one answer to our question.

According to, researchers at Beihang University in China, measured various online emotions by tracking the emoticons embedded in millions of messages posted on a social media platform.  Their findings: Joy moves faster than sorrow or disgust, but nothing moves faster than rage. The research reports that those users reacted most angrily and most quickly to post which talked about “social problems and diplomatic issues.”

Ever wonder why your seemingly harmless posts solving all the world’s problems seems to get everyone all upset? Now you know.  As for us, we’re still going to stick to a little bit of everything …
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