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Some people act like they have the right to Lord over you.  You can now give mere mortals the power that comes with such a title and more!

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With the Become a Laird or Lady Gift Box, one receives the right to call yourself by the Scottish title of Laird (The Scottish equivalent of  The British Title Lord) or Lady. The recipient also receives  ownership of one square foot of land in Scotland. In addition, you have the right to tour the breathtaking grounds of Dunans Castle in Argyll for FREE … free admission, that is. Transportation to and from the castle and accommodations are still all your responsibility. This 16-acre tract is home to the Thomas Telford-designed Dunans Bridge, Britain’s tallest tree (a 209-foot-tall Douglas Fir), and the centuries-old Dunans Castle. Your purchase of the Become a Laird or Lady Gift Set ultimately helps fund the castle’s restoration and preservation.

So, nobility, history and culture can be yours – all for a mere $19.95! For all the details, click over to

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