BOTTOM LINE: The Most Expensive Dog In The World

BOTTOM LINE:  What Is The Most Expensive Dog In The World? Chinese Tibetan Mastiff puppies. In 2014, one sold for almost $2 million US. The beloved giant, furry canines were once used for hunting in Central Asia and Tibet; and are said to have “lion’s blood.” They weigh upwards of 100 pounds and are known […]

DID YOU KNOW? Fast facts and brain candy

The most popular high school mascot name in the United States is Eagles with over 1,200 schools cheering specifically for that mascot. According to Courtney Cox, The popular NBC television show ‘Friends’ was to be originally called ‘Six of One.’ Animator Matt Groening admits the biggest mistake he made with his animated series The Simpsons what he […]

More Origins of Famous Company Names

Here is another collection of the origins of famous company names: Cellular Telephone Company Sprint was named for the division of its parent company it came from, The Southern Pacific Railroad INTernal Communications. Originally, using pipelines and railroad tracks was the cheapest place to lay new communications lines, as the right-of-way were already leased or […]

What does The Burger King have in common with Business News on TV?

At first look, you might not directly associate a Whopper and Fries with Cable TV Business News channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. But without Burger King, you wouldn’t have business news on TV. Jim McLamore was the co-founder of the restaurant chain made famous for letting you have it your way. He lived in […]

SHORT TAKES: ‘Baby Gay’s,” Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad and Polar Bears

SHORT TAKES: Would you stick a ‘baby gay’ in your ear? Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad still has to go to work. Polar bears generally are not right.  DETAILS? Generally associated with the banks of the Mississippi River, Samuel Clemens, or Mark Twain, actually wrote many of his books in Elmira, New York. Google has created over […]

M.C Escher – You Can’t Touch This!

Few artists are as instantly as interesting as Maurits Cornelis “M. C.” Escher. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist known for his mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. His artistic vision features nearly impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations which delight both young and old alike. His notable work includes Relativity, Waterfall, and […]

Where did that business name come from?

Here are the origins of the names of several well known businesses: 7-Eleven convenience stores were originally named U-Tote’m stores.  In 1946, the name was changed  to reflect their newly extended hours, 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. Bally’s, famous for its pinball games, casinos and health clubs, was originally Lion Manufacturing.  The name change came about […]

What do these media notables all have in common?

Here’s a quick list of notables from the media field. What do they all have in common? • Bob Guiney, The Bachelor during the fourth season, • Chad Everett, the actor, who starred in Medical Center, • Chris Hansen, NBC News investigative correspondent, • Ed Swiderski, The Bachelorette season 5 contestant and winner, • Jackie […]

Compare The Top Google Searches – Jan 2004 to Jan 2015

Here is a comparison of what Google says was their  top searches in January 2004, the furthest back which they report, verses this past year,  January 2015. Category                              2004                                                       2015 Actors                                   Orlando Bloom                                  Donna Douglas Baseball Players                  Pete Rose                                           Ernie Banks Cars                                       Ford Mustang                                    […]

Volta Was No Dolt – The Man Behind The First Battery

Volt. Behind the term given to measure electric potential is a real man whose pioneering work lead to the first creation of the battery. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was an Italian scientist, physicist and chemist. Volta is credited with the invention of the Voltaic pile, considered to be the first electrical battery. He first […]