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Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Consultant – Rosh Sillars

Detroit Social Media and digital marketing strategy Consultant - Rosh Sillars

Rosh Sillars is a Detroit social media and marketing consultant. His deep relationship to social media shines when you talk to him and review his credentials. He regularly shares marketing strategy on his YouTube channel. He has been a member of the media for over twenty-five years. Although he has made is mark photographing for newspapers and magazines. He has also written for them on a regular basis. At the same time, he is an Internet junkie. He has been online since the early 90’s. He owned his name domain (sold 2017). His first social web (social media) business relationship begin in 1997. Rosh is a podcaster since 1999. To round off his list of experience he has managed social media departments, taught social media at the university level and is a published magazine and book author on the topic. Rosh Sillars is one of the most qualified digital and social media consultants in the Detroit area.

People often think of social media as something new. If you think about it, the web has always been social – the tools have just gotten better. Rosh is an example of someone who has used and pushed the available tools the limit. He has been there from the beginning. As of the writing of the post, Rosh has over 25,000 twitter followers. These are organically earned followers since opening his account in June of 2007. You can find Rosh on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few of his favorite social media platforms.

When Rosh started working with audio over the Internet in the late 90’s it was not called Podcasting, as it is today. He worked with systems such as RealAudio.  He was always testing new ideas. His first podcasts where business tips for creative business people. Today he continues his sharing on his podcast found at and iTunes.

Rosh wrote the Linked Photographers Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media in 2010 with co-author Lindsay Adler for the photography community. He speaks around the world on the topics of social media, marketing and photography. Rosh has written four books in total related to the above topics.

In 2009 Rosh joined a friend and clients small digital marketing firm. His job was to head up the consulting department supporting large and small business as well as government agencies. At the time it was a one-man shop. He and his friend grew the company into a 15 person marketing firm within a few years. In 2014 he spun off this department into his own company Rosh Media. Because he is a photographer by trade, Rosh focuses on the visual aspect of digital marketing.  He enjoys supporting his clients with SEO, social media, PPC and remarketing. He considers Rosh Media a digital marketing firm with a visual edge.

Rosh continues to support businesses with his consultations, speaking, writing and podcasts. This is why we consider Rosh Sillars one of the best social media consults in Detroit, Michigan and honestly the country.

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