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Commercials ask us questions and then answer their questions with products and services. One commercial question that still remains unanswered to this day is “How Many Licks To Get To The Center of A Tootsie Pop?”

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Tootsie Roll Industries, maker of the Tootsie Pop, even debates the exact number. On their own website, they cite studies from Purdue University, the University of Michigan and Swarthmore Junior High School that each determined a different number to achieve this goal:


In the era of YouTube, more than a few brave tounges have attempted the counting process. Here is just one of many videos on the subject:


Even the mighty investigative talents of CBS News has taken the matter under its journalistic wing in pursuit of the truth.


After all this analysis, examination and debate, one truth remains eternal: “The world may never know …”

— Various Sources

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