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The term “Blue Eyed Soul” generally apples to songs sung in American Rhythm & Blues style by non-African American vocalists. In the case of Blue Eyed Soul, it’s always best to believe your eyes and not just your ears.

For example, “What You Won’t Do For Love,” by Bobby Caldwell is considered a modern jazz and R&B Standard. Released in 1979 by Caldwell on his self titled debut album, the song was an instant hit on both the R&B and Pop Charts. Since then, this song has been covered by a number of artists, included Boys 2 Men, Phyllis Hyman, Go West, and Michael Bolton. Several other artists have either sampled or interpolated Caldwell’s signature song. It has also been featured in the movie Donnie Brasco and in commercials for the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.

From watching the video, this song falls under term “Blue Eyed Soul.” Mr. Caldwell is also obviously Caucasian. Bobby Caldwell however was recognized in 1979 by Billboard Magazine as “Best New Black R&B Artist Of The Year.”

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