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Whether it is personal or professional, there will be times when communicating with difficult people may seem impossible, but there is hope and a solution. Actually, a lot of solutions.

The key to any form of communication is understanding where the person is coming from and what they’re trying to say. A person who seems angry may be feeling hurt, betrayed or frustrated. Once you understand where they are coming from, it is important to empathize with them by not only reflecting their words back but also showing understanding of their feelings as well as having patience with them as they work through those feelings.

And yes, this is easier to say than to do but, with practice, it can be achieved.

How do you communicate effectively in difficult situations?

  1. Focus on the intention. NEVER focus on the behavior; ALWAYS focus on the situation
  2. Stay calm. Pause before responding so you do not respond to emotion with emotion
  3. Be respectful

How can I get along with difficult personalities?

In the professional space, a few ways to get along with difficult personalities at work is to understand their role in the company and how they help the company function.

A difficult person may seem like a disturbance, but it could be possible that their job plays an integral part in preventing disasters, so it’s important to not only consider what they do but also show appreciation for it.

Additionally, remember to try to surround yourself with positive people, as their energy will only rub off on you. You can often find that difficult people are surrounded by others who act in the same manner, so surrounding yourself with kind individuals will help bring your mood up when communication becomes increasingly difficult.

How do you negotiate with a difficult person?

  • Be kind
  • Stay firm
  • Don’t take it personally

This isn’t just for peaceful negotiations; this is life advice too.

  • Practice peaceful interactions

Go for peaceful interactions in every conversation you have with everyone, not just difficult people. If you can communicate peacefully in your everyday life, then when you’re in negotiations with difficult people it will be much easier to stay peaceful and not let yourself get pushed around by their tantrums or whatever they might be doing. The more peaceful the world is, the peaceful negotiations you will have.

  • Be honest
  • Change your tone of voice if needed
  • Be clear about what you want.
  • Be clear about consequences

What are the five negotiation strategies?

  1. Competing
  2. Collaborating
  3. Compromising
  4. Accommodating
  5. Avoiding

The style you use when communicating with someone will be based on the other person’s personality, but also your own. If you are collaborative, it is important to note that this does not mean giving in to what the other person wants without finding a happy medium. If you are competitive, compromise should not be taken as “losing”, but that you are meeting the other party half way.

In conclusion, if it’s a business or personal situation, it is essential to understand the perspective of a difficult person and yourself and how you communicate with people. By understanding your communication style and theirs, you can determine what type of negotiation may be most successful.

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