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BOTTOM LINE: How many boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese are sold each year? According author Kitty Shea, 7 million blue boxes are sold globally each week. Multiply this times 52 weeks  and Kraft Foods sells approximately 364 Million boxes of comfort food worldwide each year.

Canadian-born James Lewis Kraft, the founder of Kraft Foods, didn’t invent macaroni and cheese, and didn’t even invent processed cheese. He was, however, the first to patent a process of emulsifying and powdering cheese in order to give it a much longer shelf life. The product was first introduced in 1937 throughout the US and Canada as a meatless meal substitute. The timing of the product’s launch had much to do with its success. During the Depression and World War II, the factors of rationing of milk and dairy products, an increased reliance on meatless entrees, and more women working outside the home in the war plants, created a highly responsive market for the product. This was considered to be a hearty meal for many families. Its shelf life of ten months was also attractive at a time when many homes simply did not have refrigerators.

Kraft Mac and Cheese comes in four varieties: Original, Deluxe, Homestyle and Easy Mac. The “Original” variety is technically called by Kraft “The Cheesiest.” There are more than 20 other flavor variations available, including Buffalo Cheddar, Garlic & Herb Alfredo, Grilled Cheese Explosion, Veggie Pasta, and Organic White Cheddar.

side by sideIn Canada, the famous blue box is known simply as Kraft Dinner and been described as the de facto national dish of the nation.  The various varieties are actually packaged in Quebec and made with Canadian wheat and milk, and various other ingredients from Canada and the US. Canadians purchase 1.7 million of the 7 million boxes sold globally each week (24.7%)  and eat an average of 3.2 boxes of Kraft Dinner each year, 55% more than Americans. Kraft Dinner is statistically the most popular grocery item in the country.

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