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Red-Tibetan-MastiffBOTTOM LINE:  What Is The Most Expensive Dog In The World? Chinese Tibetan Mastiff puppies. In 2014, one sold for almost $2 million US.

The beloved giant, furry canines were once used for hunting in Central Asia and Tibet; and are said to have “lion’s blood.” They weigh upwards of 100 pounds and are known for their loyalty and guardian instincts. A 56-year-old property developer from Qingdao purchased  a golden-haired puppy measuring 31 inches tall and weighing nearly 200 pounds for The 12 million yuan ($1.9 million US), according to a report in the NY Daily News. 

A bit rich for your lion’s blood? You can own one at a much more reasonable price. Chinese kennel East Magic Kennel will gladly help you adopt a non-champion sired Tiberian Mastiff puppy for a mere $3500 to $5000 US, plus shipping. This includes registrations, current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, health certificate, health guarantee, pedigree documentation and your pup’s own travel crate. To learn more, or just fawn over photos of these, check out:

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