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Here is a comparison of what Google says was their  top searches in January 2004, the furthest back which they report, verses this past year,  January 2015.

Category                              2004                                                       2015

Actors                                   Orlando Bloom                                  Donna Douglas

Baseball Players                  Pete Rose                                           Ernie Banks

Cars                                       Ford Mustang                                    Ford GT

DJ’s                                        Moby                                                    Funkmaster Flex

Drinks                                   Wine                                                     Coffee

Food                                      Wine                                                     Pizza

Medications                       Sildenafil (Viagra)                             Antibiotics

Movies                                 Finding Nemo                                    Taken 3

Songs                                    Toxic by Brittney Spears                  Happy Birthday To You

TV Shows                            American Idol                                    The Bachelor

Whiskey’s                           Jack Daniels                                        Jack Daniels


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