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Volt. Behind the term given to measure electric potential is a real man whose pioneering work lead to the first creation of the battery.

640px-Volta_AAlessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was an Italian scientist, physicist and chemist. Volta is credited with the invention of the Voltaic pile, considered to be the first electrical battery. He first perfected this in 1799 and later published his findings in 1800. Through the Voltaic pile, Volta first demonstrated electricity could be generated chemically. This was contrary to the common theory of the time that electricity was generated solely by the activity of animated objects. From Volta’s invention, a great amount of scientific excitement and curiosity was created. This led many others to experiments which would become known as the field of electro-chemistry.

Volta also drew great favor from Napoleon Bonaparte for his discoveries. Napoleon invited Volta to demonstrate his invention to the Institute of France. From this, Volta enjoyed a personal relationship with the Emperor throughout his life and Volta was conferred numerous honors by Napoleon.

So next time you charge up your smart phone, change the batteries in your flashlight or watch an electric car drive by, give pause and remember the work of Alessandro Volta.

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