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ivip_black_htcThe overwhelming majority of people who read this post will not be able to afford an iVIP app. At $999.99, most people will scoff at the price. But the mere notion of it speaks to that same measure of success and curiosity as does The Robb Report.

iVip is available for iOS, Android or Windows Phones. With four levels of prestige, iVIP is a direct smart phone app to the most upscale services any world traveler can desire.  According to their website: “iVIP offers its members exclusive, unavailable-elsewhere offers and VIP treatment (complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packs, and more) with our hand-picked range of partners. iVIP membership also provides a lifestyle management service (through our on-demand concierge) and several exclusive member-only services. The apps give access to a curated collection of the world’s finest brands, venues and services with unique, individually negotiated privileges for iVIP members at each and every one.”

apps1So if you are the type who travels in the finest circles, dines as the most premium of restaurants and seeks the finest escapes for your vacations, iVIP is the app for you. For the rest of us, here’s hoping they don’t mess with our frequent flyer miles.


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