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Are you the kind of vacationer who wants to view the world pedaling on two wheels? Would you enjoy traveling to exotic and exciting destinations while you channel your inner Tour de France cyclist? The team at Trek Travel are your guides to memorable and world class cycling experiences for all levels of cyclist.

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Trek Travel has the perfect balance of travel options: vacations for lovers of luxury, tours that enthrall disciples of cycling, and getaways that offer families fit, fun memories that will last a lifetime. Destinations are throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Imagine cycling through wine country in your choice of California or Europe visiting the blue fire volcano and experiencing a dormant or an active volcano. Pedal the exact route that of the Tour de France. Experience US National Parks and foreign getaways with a view unlike what most travelers experience. Trek Travel makes all this possible as part of your inclusive travel tour package.

Each tour comes with two guides, so you have someone who knows the terrain as well as ensures your comfort. As a part of the trip, you will have access to some of the finest models of Trek Bicycles available. Each trip has measures of both adventure and flexibility as part of the package. You can choose to enjoy a serious cycle experience or pedal at your own pace, and your experience will ensure that enjoy all the local flavor of your destination.

If reading this makes you anxious to clip in and ride, discover and marvel at the wide assortment of options available … just make sure you send us a postcard from the one you choose!

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