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It is the hook and the bait that gets the reader to bite. Newspaper, Websites, and Magazines all use catchy headlines to cut through the 10-thousand and two thoughts everyone has each day and grab eyeballs and interest.  If copywriters, reporters and editors were required to be absolutely honest, here are ten examples of what typical headlines would actually say:

1. Actor in really dreadful movie attempts to distract the audience with his charm, so they will go see it the first weekend of release or buy it on video.
2. Athlete boils down his game or this season into several meaningless clichés.
3. Business releases bad news after the markets have closed for the day, hoping you’ll forget it by tomorrow.
4. Does a headline written as a question actually hook readers in like fish?
5. Fading actress/singer on red carpet shows excessive skin and breasts to get renewed attention.
6. Outrageous statistic screams a fact that 76% of Americans will believe.
7. Political group makes a stance which polarizes people as us versus them.
8. Politician courts large money from targeted donors by taking a controversial stance.
9. Reality star makes audacious claim in order to grab headlines.
10. TV show personality makes an apology for his misunderstanding and claims his statement was just a joke.


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