Which spreads quickest on social media: joy, sadness or disgust?

In our quest to engage the AnswersJournal.com  audience, your editors were wondering if there was any research out there that could help us know how to get you to come check out our site? So, based upon this thought, we wondered what cuts through the clutter and spreads quicker on the Internet: posts about joy, […]

Have You Ever Mispelled Misspelled?

Here is an easy list of ten common words you should know: twelfth sergeant questionnaire misspell memento hierarchy fiery daiquiri bellwether amateur These are also ten of the most common misspelled words in the English Language.  If you are brave, have someone read you them and then see how you rate. If you are truly […]

You Can Give Them The Ultimate Payback – Only $9.95

While not everyone gets the idea that “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” no one can miss the point that “Paybacks are a bitch.”  Here’s the chance to get someone else back in a way that they are sure to notice and your evil deed won’t go away quickly.  Glitter is called, “The herpes of […]

No Selfies Day

March 16th has been declared as No Selfies Day. Every day millions of cell phone owners take a cheezy, blurry and self aggrandizing portrait using their cell phone’s cameras and then plaster these pictures on social networks for all of creation to see. No one really knows how this started or the reasons why. May 16th is a day […]

What fun things can you do for your next party? Here are 10.

We’ve all been to a party that flopped. Was it the host?, the people who showed up or was there nothing to do? Keep your guests entertained. Below are ten things you can do to liven up your next party. [slideshow_deploy id=’76’]   Theme: Create a theme for your party. Encourage people to bring something related […]

Detroit Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Media Consultant – Rosh Sillars Rosh Sillars is a Detroit social media and marketing consultant. His deep relationship to social media shines when you talk to him and review his credentials. He regularly shares marketing strategy on his YouTube channel. He has been a member of the media for over twenty-five years. […]